Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day! or is it MAYDAY!

We could celebrate the end of cold winter nights with flowers and a good ol' fashioned Irish bonfire, or we could go scream into our pillows that this is May, possibly the second busiest month of the year (December is still queen).  Everybody who is anybody holds a recital this month, and yes group lessons and practices are mandatory.  Not to be outdone, all sports are required to hold at least one major tournament this month. The apple of every parent's eye is graduating.  That means lots of gifts to buy and BBQ to attend.  If we are lucky, we could have two or three on the same day as the soccer tournament and piano recital, but only if we are lucky!  Oh!  and tests!  How could I forget the agony of semester exams and the emotional trauma involved during that week! Then there is the poor kid with the birthday in May (sorry Marla!).  I'm not their birthday is really even allowed to happen, unless, they are graduating and then we can roll it all into one big event!  Then to top off all the craziness, we celebrate Mothers!  Forget breakfast in bed, these poor creatures will barley survive the month.  Watch and document closely their sad demise from a confident and capable human being to a quivering mass of hysteria by months end. 

So good luck to all!  The countdown to Summer begins now!  May we all survive and meet on the other side in June! 

Gotta love the crazy Target mom.  She is so inspirational!