Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Starting with something nice!

Okay! So I would like to start this blog for our family. We will all be living in different states in a few months, and I would like to keep up with everyone and have a bit of fun too! Feel free to send me photos, videos, information, and I will post it! Now, that the housekeeping is finished..... let's start!

An official family blog would be off to a great start if we could give each other advice and hot tips! Well.... we are in luck! Marla has found (well, I had discovered it also, but credit goes to Marla. She actually took the time to make all the phone calls to take credit! Ha!) So, do you want long, fake, and gorgeous eyelashes? hmm? Look no further... Voluminous Million Lashes (L'Oreal) stands up to the test. :) I want pictures of your eyes, or the eyes of cute nieces and the occasional nephew if desired.


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