Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympaholics unite!

I have something to confess........ I'm addicted to the Olympics.  It doesn't matter what sport, I am glued to the TV, on the edge of my seat, with a hanky clutched in my hand.  My heart swells with pride for our nation and all of the athletes competing.  Hearing the Star Spangled Banner leaves me in tears, as I also point out to my children that if they are ever on a podium they should cry. It's guaranteed camera time, and it makes those of us at home cry too.  I love the emotional drama, and the superhuman efforts that the Olympics create.  The Olympics are fickle at best.  It is a place where the greats are rewarded and humbled, and where the meek can surprise and surge to stardom.  Although the networks try, this type of atmosphere cannot be scripted.  The human spirit at it's best and worst.  I love to sit there and point out to my children how many times 'hard work' is mentioned.  It is pretty easy to pick out the divas and the athletes who put their head down and get to work, and just like life sometimes the hard worker doesn't win.  Sometimes, the hardest worker has to go home and work harder, his goal to return and be worthy of that medal.  That is the moment I love!  That special moment when everything works as it should.  When hard work pays off, when the moment is perfect, and everyone in that gym or auditorium can feel it too!  We cheer, because for a few moments the world feels right, the good guy won.  On the other hand, there are times when the good guy doesn't get the gold.  That moment when they smile that brittle smile for the camera, say the 'correct' things, and then find that silent place under the bleachers and deal with heartbreak.  We feel for these individuals, for have we all not experienced heartache or failure?  It connects us, touches us.  I will say it again!  I love the Olympics!  I'm grateful for beautiful and touching stories that remind us that each of us are human.  We all have hopes and dreams. I love this quote from President Uchtdorf......

" The pure love of Christ can remove the scales of resentment and wrath from our eyes, allowing us to see others the way our Heavenly Father sees us: as flawed and imperfect mortals who have potential and worth far beyond our capacity to imagine."

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