Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making the grade.......................

Springtime brings flowers, sunshine, and the high pitched wailing of little elementary school students. Seriously!  These poor kids are so wound up for the state tests, that they are nervous little wrecks the night before.  I found Tabby in a heap of tears on my bed, she didn't think she could pass her tests!  Really!!!!?????  I'm all for showing what you know, and the rational side of me knows that we need some kind of standard as to measuring school performance and ranking.  BUT, and it's a big one, do we really need to focus two complete weeks on testing?  Do we need to teach to these tests exclusively?  Do we need to drill mercilessly into the minds of these kids that all their educational dreams are riding on this test every year?  I think I'm going to start looking around and research a bit, as I really want to know what makes a good student, school, teacher, etc.  I have some ideas, with the ability to work hard being at the top!  This world is tough, competitive, and (at times) harsh, I hope to give my kids the things they need to survive.  I believe I will start with coping skills for surviving testing mania.


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