Saturday, February 4, 2012

Eliminate Sprite

Hard to believe that a can of soda could be so effective. Last night as we were leaving Costco I decided to grab a soda for my wife because sometimes she needs a little Coke pick me up. While looking at the drinks I thought sure why not and called Jack over and asked him if he wanted a green soda. Since the little guy thinks the color green is the best thing ever. I grabbed the soda and we all headed home. Now of course my son has had soda before but we hardly ever let him have a full soda all to himself. The result of this quick intake of sugar was incredible. He was literally bouncing off the walls. He jumped on top of Charlie a number of times and thought the couch was his personal trampoline. It took the threat of placing one of his trains in timeout that final got him to brush his teeth. Luckily for us the sugars falls as quickly as it peeks and he crashed in his bed within 10 minutes. Lessened learned at the very least we will think twice before we all the green brew to be so easily offered.


  1. I can just imagine jack strung out on sugar!:) Of course this is the same kid who dived deep into a pile of children for a sucker! :) loved that!

  2. Sounds like he takes after his grandma!