Thursday, February 16, 2012

Standing tall.............

Last night at Young Women, we had the opportunity to write our testimonies.  I took that challenge and wrote down my testimony on a simple piece of paper.  Knowing this paper might actually get to someone, somewhere, I took the time to articulate my true feeling about my Savior, Jesus Christ.  It was a moving experience for me.  I was touched as I watched the girls pondering their own words, they took great responsibility for what they wrote.

After we finished, we tied our testimonies to yellow balloons and let them go into the night sky.  Because of the city lights, they seemed to glow like a cluster of stars for a long time. It was beautiful.  I know we were all hoping that someone might find our words and that it might make a difference in someone's life.  It was a special moment, and one that I was grateful to experience.

Here is a link to the Youth theme for this year.  It is an uplifting happy song.  Tabby likes to dance to it! ;)


  1. I am sure that was a neat experience. I would like to see who got the balloons!!

  2. That sounds really fun, I am sure they enjoyed it.