Monday, February 6, 2012

Post Call

A common occurrence in our home is dealing with life after working all night. Unfortunately I have been covering in the pediatric ICU over the weekends which means that each weekend I have to pull a 24 to 28 hour shift. These times are disheartening for a number of reasons most of which I will not go into but suffice it to say that they are very long shifts. When I get home tired it is always a blessing and sometimes a curse to find an anxious two year old to greet me. Today as I drove up I could see him peering through ur front window waiting for me to show up and when he saw my car start bouncing up and down running to hide. You see his new game is to hide when I get home so that I have to find him. The only difficulty comes up when it is time for me to get some sleep. For example today, I fell asleep with him sitting next to me trying to play my iPad. Then about 30 minutes later he woke me up trying to give me a pretend hammer to smash the pretend bats that were flying over our heads. Finally I awoke with about three different trains on top of me as he eas making a new route over the bed. Of course Emily would keep him out of the room if I did not insist that he be allowed to play. When you are away from home this much it is difficult to make these firm boundaries as something so small as sleep.


  1. Jack knows that when you sleep "you're burning daylight"

  2. The guilt of parenthood! You are doing it right. Those moments fly away too quickly! :)

  3. i would give jack mudd to play with in sted of trins that would be more fun but win michael need to sleep during the day it takes all i have not to go in and bother him