Thursday, February 2, 2012

Matt Signing On

Right now I am supposed to be listening to a lousy talk on newborn jaundice. The good thing about finally being in my third year of residency is that a lOt of the information is really second nature. I thought I would share our sinner experience past night. My wife thought that it would be a good idea to have the missionaries over more often. Especially with Jack getting older not to mention the smaller chances we may have living in Utah. So the sisters came over last night. They arrived right at the same time that I was pulling not the drive. Unfortunately Jack had fallen asleep later in the day and was still asleep by the time hat I got home. Emily had tried to wake Jim up several times but to no avail. Well as you can imagine Jack was not excited. He then proceded to pout and cry. When it came down to it he wanted me to hold him all throughout dinner. He really is dramatic at times throughout the whole dinner he was lying across mylap while I sat on the piano bench trying to eat. Periodically he would let out a little wimpper and cry. He hardly would even poke his head above the table that was even after a couple of stern talkings in the hallway. Finally after the Sisters had left who were not your communicative type, Jack finally perked up and acted like nothing had happened. So much for our missionary experience.


  1. Ha! Did they just keep staring at you like you were a wierdo with this kid draped across your lap! ? Ah! Children! They never really behave how you expect! :) pretty funny. Did Charlie behave? A crying baby would have added to the fun! ;)

  2. We had. So many dinners with the missionaRies that it was a treat as it was one of
    Times you kids really enjoyed the company. Remember Elder Kammayer, Owwens, Smart, Udaly just to name a few. Of course, onc.e you girls starting growing up we couldn't get rid of them. Sorry the sloppy typing, doing it with me finger on my iPad. Love you kids!